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Studio Air

About Us

Studio Air captures a feeling of ease. Here, we intend to decode pre and post-production processes into small, achievable tasks and help you through each of them.


At Air, we make you feel at home. Heck, your crew will love it too! 

With three studios, we serve as an ideal space for everything you can imagine.

Whether you're shooting fashion, food, or anything in between, Studio Air has got you covered. 


In case you wish to go completely DIY, we offer a raw space to let your creativity flow.

We take pride and pleasure in providing a friendly and comfortable experience and hold a true appreciation for our clients. 

We are open around the clock, 24x7x365 days a year, providing our clients with the maximum flexibility when it comes to making a booking.


At Air, we are committed to bringing together an eclectic mix of creative professionals, from photographers and videographers to stylists and set designers. 

With our extensive network, we can cater to all your production needs, no matter how big or small. Let us help bring your vision to life. 


The creative energy at Air is endless, and it’s only through you that we intend to keep it flowing.

The Team

People of Air

Drishti Gurnani - Founder at Crazy Teapot

Creative Head

Aanchal Bansal - Founder at Kainchee Kraft

Content Writer

Jagrit Sachdeva - Founder at Wedding Mansion & Media Mansion

Senior Photographer

Kapil Kumar - Supervisor at Studio Air Delhi
Kapil Kumar

Studio Supervisor

Santosh - Pantry Manager at Studio Air Delhi

Pantry Manager

Rohit Kumar

Spot Boy


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