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Discover the charm and versatility of our stunning studio spaces, perfect for bringing your creative vision to life. 

Studio 1 - Oak Room

An exquisite daylight studio inspired by antiquity & minimalism. Adorned with beautiful elements such as chevron arc wall mouldings, enchanting props & a charming French window, adding a touch of elegance to any photoshoot or video production.


Green Room + Waiting Area

The Oak Room, one of our most loved Natural/ daylight studio, exhibits the following:   1. The Chevron Arc wall mouldings that add a touch of elegance and sophistication.  2. A French window that lets in ample natural light, perfect for capturing sunkissed shots.   3. The Royale Wall mouldings, situated underneath the window, to create a contrast to the shots.

Studio 2 - Cyclorama

An infinite landscape, designed to mirror the endless ideas flowing from your mind. Seamless white space that provides a clean and minimalistic backdrop for your media production needs. With ample space and lighting options, Studio 2 is the perfect blank canvas for your creative vision.


Green Room + Waiting Area

Studio 2 - L Corner Set

Raw & highly adaptable space that accommodates product photography alongside set construction. Flexible space that allows complete freedom to construct, assemble and design sets. Whether you need to create a realistic environment or an imaginative realm, this is the perfect place to bring your vision to life.

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